Xbox x Fresh Ego Kid
xbox & fresh ego kid
To celebrate the release of the Xbox Night Ops Camo Special Edition controller, Xbox and Fresh Ego Kid have joined forces again on a kit with the personality to inspire, and the functionality to be adored.
Representing the continued partnership between the two brands, the kit’s contents combine Fresh Ego Kid’s established position in the UK style and urban scene with the very best of gaming on Xbox.
fresh ego kid x Xbox camo kit box




  • michele

    footballers getting this gear for free when they can afford it 100000x over 👀

  • Kacper Kapinos

    Fresh ego kid brand has some quality clothing , good luck to everyone in the competition all the best.💯❤️

  • Charlie

    Wow this stuff is so fresh, I wish that scratcher would reveal some good news

  • Jake Marshall

    Love it fae glesga.

  • Gary White

    Yes please thank you 👍 #FEK

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