Norbert Növényi Jr.

We spoke to ‘Magic’ Norbert Növényi Jr. about all things fighting, inspiration and Fresh Ego Kid. Check out what he had to say and grab his favourite hats whilst you can.

Fresh Ego Kid

Q: What are your first memories of fighting?

A: My earliest memory of fighting was when my dad introduced me to a Karate Club at the age of 1 and a half 😂 I distinctly recall how much I enjoyed the warm-up exercises, which is why I kept going back.

Q: Who are your inspirations in the fighting world?

A: In a family of fighters, my dad remained the primary source of inspiration. However, my coaches hold a special place in my heart. They've not only taught me fighting skills but also imparted valuable life wisdom. They are true sources of motivation and strength.

Q: What is it you like most about Fresh Ego Kid?

A: This summer, Fresh Ego Kid was my go-to. Not only do they blend comfort and fashion, but their styles and designs also enable me to mix and match for various occasions.

Q: What’s your favourite piece from the current selection?

A: When it comes to the hats, I'd have to choose the purple trucker because my fight shorts often come in that colour 💜

Fresh Ego Kid
Fresh Ego Kid

Q: What’s your favourite moment of your career so far? 

A: Choosing a favourite moment is like picking a favourite sweet in a candy shop. Whether it was when I fought in Dublin in 2019, with 10,000 Irish fans initially booing and then turning into cheers, or my most recent knockout finish in Chicago, both experiences were amazing. It's hard to pick.

Fresh Ego Kid