The start of Fresh Ego Kid

Fresh Ego Kid's 2024 Drop

“Back to Beginnings” Collection - a homage to our roots since Marvin Morgan founded Fresh Ego Kid in 2010. This headwear line blends past and present, a tribute to our legacy. Marvin laid the foundation for Fresh Ego Kid as a brand within a community, and we're dedicated to continuing that spirit.

Featuring a new sticker paying homage to Marvin, the iconic Fresh Ego heart, and a sleek side script logo, this collection breathes life into classic styles. Each piece is a testament to the timeless legacy of Fresh Ego Kid. We're the perfect mix of nostalgia and modern concepts, embracing football culture, urban music, and streetwear fashion.

Staying in touch with your inner child to remember that you're never too old to do anything –  that's what Fresh Ego Kid is all about. Today, as the brand returns to its roots, our focus is on headwear that transcends boundaries, suitable for everyone, everywhere, and at any time.